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Leather casing, the art of making leather cases.

In this section I show you perhaps one of the most laborious and customized facet of my art work. Hood savers, receiver and transmitter covers, mobile sheaths, tidbit holster, kite sheaths, etc, ...

   As always, handmaking and top class materials. All the seams done with true double thread, doublé needle, stitching made one by one, the caw hide is cased, blocked, formed and protected to last a life, the sewing thread, top quality nylon is waxed with true, natural beeswax.

   The leather casing, an art where both, craftman and client, can leave their imagination fly so, so far, so, so high. Dare to ask, I'm pretty sure I will convince you with an atractive proposal.


   Impossible to put a price in advance, will be dealed case by case.