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My craft works, my philosophy.

I find easy to express how I work, how I feel while working. As stated before, my craft is a neverending quest for perfection and I face my challenge since the beginning.


   My hands, my art, my effort, skill, best material, all mixed together to pay maximum attention, maximum care to the mínimum, smallest detail. My commitment is serious and strong with every work, with every order with every client.


   All the works are exclusively handmade, allways using top class materials. I always thought using the best materials is a good starting point to my perfection approach. Most of the works has been done with best kip or kangaroo leather that anyone could find in the market. Kip/Caw hides are vegetable tanned following the english tanning old school, the kangaroo hides are imported directly from Australia.


   Also very often, my clients require special ítems like carved or embossed leather, engraved paints or exotic leathers. All these crafts, techniques are also available to meet anything a client may want.