Euro Falconry

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Braided Gear:

   The tightest braiding foot gear available anywhere. Completely handmade and as always with best materials. Using only top quality Dyneema thread for any braided ítem. Jesses, leashes or extenders, square braiding, always using top quality materials.

   Eight strands, selectable braiding pattern, adapted thickness to the bird sizing, metallic cap ends and many colors to choose.

   Laser engraving service available to customize your anklets with your phone number, logo, name, etc, ...

   You could also order our anklets, made on extra strong chrome tanned caw hide or heavy weight kangaroo leather.

   Different kinds of anklets are available, classic ailmery, false ailmery, etc, ...

¡¡¡ Order a full tethering set and get the anklets for free !!!  

Loop leash 25'00 € E/O                      Classic Ailmery Anklets 5'00 € pair (grommets included)

Jesses 25'00 € pair                              False Ailmery Anklets 20'00 € pair

Leash extender 12'00 € E/O               Laser engraving service 20'00 € pair

Complete Tethering Set 60'00 € E/O (Including a pair of anklets)