Euro Falconry

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European and Arabic Falcon Blocks.


   The philosophy and spirit that inspires Euro Falconry in each and everyone of our products is also found in our blocks. In them we find a distinctly classical atmosphere in the warmth of the most selected hardwoods.

   The preferences of our customers and their personal circumstances such as weather, use, etc ... are aspects that we take into account when selecting the most appropriate materials. So wood, glues and finishing coats are combined case by case for a lifetime guaranteed product.

   Thus, once again, our product is as exclusive as our clients and friends deserve, enjoying not only the finished product, but the makinf off journey.

   Two versions of the same product, Arabic and European, should be enough to satisfy the demands of our customers. Different sizes and configurations are available to suit the needs of our hawks.

   European and Arabic Style Blocks: XS (115€), S (125€), M (135€), L (145€), XL (155€) and XXL (165€)

   Indoor heavy bases are available on request.

   These prices include the correspondent stainless Steel spike and doublé ring. Shipping costs are not included.