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   Guillem Garí Oliver, born in Mallorca, in 1972. How could it be otherwise, being spanish and from that time, Dr. Félix Rodríguez De La Fuente throught his TV series "El Hombre y la Tierra" leave deep mark on me. Those images, his unique voice, make me fell in love for a life, still remember that child running to sit in front of the TV everytime I heard that tune.

   Thus, my love for the nature and especially for the birds, was a constant that would last until today, although, fact remains that 30 years of passion it's time enough for a lot of changes, thoughts, to mature a mindset.   At first I decided, following the way of the spanish doctor, to put myself behind a binoculars and devote almost all my youth to ornithology, I was a passionate bird observer, and of course, especially birds of prey. Birds of prey fascinated me in many ways, they were rare, mysterious, inaccessible, I marveled  at the sight of those flying silhouettes booted eagles, Eleonora's Falcons or a simple kite.

   Be home soon my first kestrel, gift of a neighboring farmer, knowing my passion, almost obsessive, for those birds. Was not easy on that time, only available fuzzy memories of the TV series and not much more, there were no books, no falconers and obviously neither  internet. I raised that kestrel as well as I could and finally went as it came.

   I must admit that I was overcame by that fact, were too difficult and too my ignorance, and abandoned the idea to practice falconry. Perhaps frustration or rising testosterone levels caused on that teen, of 18 years old, the mutation from ornithologist to hunter, and the binoculars for the shotgun. 

   I know it may be schocking to the senses of the reader, but yes, there were an ornithologist and a hunter, mixed in the same person. Both facets accompany the rest of my life. 

   Also I have to mention that I never hunted without one of my gundogs, my loved english Pointers. The english Pointer is my favourite dog for falconry, for hunting, for family, for everything. I breed them in the past with remarkable success, classifying several dogs in field trials and becoming part of the national Pointer club and field trial judge. 

   Perhaps, without realizing, all those years without falconry gave the time and space to get a solid foundation where cement the right welcome for that first Harris Hawk tiercel, called "Potter"


   Perhaps, without realizing, had all the knowledge, field skill, the sacrifice of whole hunting days behind the tail of one of my pointers, the miles and mud on my boots that every falconer should have.


   One winter day, in one of my last hunting plots, a mate told me: "Guillem, tomorrow I will not join you for hunting, I'm gonna fly my Harris Hawk", I asked him: "What?, Who?, When?, Where?"


   All started when I got home and put in the google bar: FALCONRY.


   Thank you so much for visiting my web site. Guillem (Bill) Gari